image_120fdec0-6718-46c6-9ebd-90a3235b9de8.img_3114Welcome to my blog!

I initially conceived this blog as an opportunity to record my travel.  Over the years I’ve visiting England, Scotland, Mexico, France, Italy, Israel. Turkey, Greece and so on.  I’ve been very fortunate!  I like to share my adventures and my observations about the people, place and cultures that are so different from my home in Seattle, Washington.

Lately, I’ve been interested in recording my thoughts about the vagaries of life in the United States as well as the places I visit.  I’m especially interested in travel for older single women.  This is new terrain for me, but I also know I am part of a growing number of women.  This will be an important focus for blogs as I go forward.

I hope you’ll enjoy coming along with me!


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