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My book will be out by year’s end! I’m very excited to report this, In one small way being locked down in my apartment for 3 months facilitated completion of my memoir. Amazing what we can accomplish when all plausible—and implausible—excuses for writing are removed. Voila—a manuscript is completed!

I’m very excited about holding this book in my hand—I hope you too will be looking forward to reading it.

Author: albertaweinberg

Lately I’m drawn to exploring why our societal norms regard older woman as asexual beings devoid of sexual longings and the physical ability to engage in sexual relationships.

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  1. You’ve been a faithful believer in the personal mission to write entirely yourself the all true stories of real time life – across decades, that fills a compelling memoir about everyone & everything that reached you’re heart & consciousness. Happy congratulations, Alberta, because you’ve made a dream come true. Allen V.

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